Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lamplighter Theatre meets Technology

Our children have really been enjoying the Lamplighter Books from Lamplighter Publishing. Basically, they're old books with outdated copyrights that have been republished. Plenty of feminine frills for girls and masculine pirates and adventures for boys. We love them!

Recently while perusing our Channel Store (using the Roku box we got years ago via Netflix), we discovered there is an entire section within the Sermon Audio "channel" for some of the audio books Lamplighter Theatre has published - listen for FREE!

It's brilliant with wonderful character building examples for discussion afterwards. So, if you have the Roku or similar box, go add Sermon Audio to your channel selection, and then find the Children's Section. It's found under Mark Hamby's Lamplighter Series.

Or, if you don't have the box - go to and you can download them for free, too!


Katherine said...

These are treasures, aren't they? After a friend shared "Charlie's Choice" with us for long car trips, we began giving Lamplighter books as gifts. I heard Mr. Hamby speak this weekend in Greenville, goodness...his personal story was quite moving. If you have the opportunity to hear him speak about his days as a sheep farm, please do. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Though unrelated, I uncovered an old box of Singer attachments for the 19-51 machine in my workroom yesterday. Your website blessed me immensely! I was about to toss them into my Goodwill pile when I remembered to check your store. I am so glad I did! As always, your wares and tutorials provide much inspiration.

Thank you,

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