Thursday, February 11, 2010

More Valentine Goodness

Finished SweetPea's Valentine Holder and her teacher's Valentine Holder (notice the 'To My Teacher' Valentine on the front). Peltex has been resurrected to become part of the land of the living since learning my new trick. Seriously - check out the seams and how non-bulky they are. I could have hugged Liesl at 2:00am this morning from my Peltex delight.

Not one speck of bulk - NOT ONE!

Anyway, kids are off today and they are so happy. SweetPea specifically picked out the "Big Red Rose" fabric. While I was actually hoping she'd lean more towards the vintage Valentine print for hers, I can't blame her for choosing one of my all time favorite fabrics (all on her own, mind you).

Cowboy picked out Lego fabric for his but it could not be heart-shaped. It had to be plain and rectangular, with "no hearty fabric Valentine's inside either". I will photograph his when he brings it back from school as he took it the other day to show his teacher.

I even managed to finish the little fabric Valentine's just as a fun decorative touch.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Valentine's You've Got Mail*

*** UPDATE *** All your Peltex troubles are over. Hope in perfect seams using Peltex is now available after learning this trick (blogged in 2007 under the term Timtex, which the market has now been replaced with Peltex, by the way. So, if you're doing a Google search for over-an-hour using the term "Peltex Tips", it will get better results by plugging in Timtex... or better yet, don't second-guess yourself in e-mailing your personal brilliant insider to ask her directly before doing that Google search. She saves my sewing every.single.time.)

I found this pattern on the Moda Bake Shop blog. I have plans to make one for SweetPea, her teacher and Cowboy's teacher, but after the war with Peltex that plan may have to be re-thought. Cowboy is now requesting one that is Lego-shaped. So, we shall certainly see by the end of the week how that all turns out, won't we.

Fabric is some that I had leftover from a few years ago. SweetPea is already getting her little Valentines ready.

Pattern instructions were a bit unclear regarding cut out, but overall it was rather easy to construct (aside from wrestling with peltex - I'm going to make another one and see if I can't insert the peltex after the fact so my seams aren't so lumpy).

I'm hoping to add the little sewn "envelopes" that the pattern includes.