Friday, August 16, 2013

Barn Raising

At the beginning of July many of our fellow church brethren came and served of their time, equipment and talent by helping our family frame our house.  What a gift!  We are so very thankful!

These boys weren't resting on the job or anything like that.... no, no... of course not.... they were just showing us the shape of the future roofline --- of course....

We were completely blessed by this "barn-raising" event.  Therefore, we are compelled to proclaim that it is by the Grace of the Lord Jesus that everything we have has been provided to us through His Sovereign hand.  And to Him, we are eternally grateful.

Soli Deo Gloria! 

Oh!  I almost forgot to mention that we were able to pick wild Huckleberries again this year... While they may appear so, those are not blueberries in the photo above.  They are just a sampling of the very large and perfectly ripe, wild Huckleberries we have been able to find in recent years.  I have mentioned before that it is definitely one of our family's favorite pastimes.  We've been making homemade Popsicles, milkshakes, ice cream, as well as adding the berries to pancakes and muffins.  I hope I can spare enough [from the much-labored stashes] to make a pie this year.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lamplighter Theatre meets Technology

Our children have really been enjoying the Lamplighter Books from Lamplighter Publishing. Basically, they're old books with outdated copyrights that have been republished. Plenty of feminine frills for girls and masculine pirates and adventures for boys. We love them!

Recently while perusing our Channel Store (using the Roku box we got years ago via Netflix), we discovered there is an entire section within the Sermon Audio "channel" for some of the audio books Lamplighter Theatre has published - listen for FREE!

It's brilliant with wonderful character building examples for discussion afterwards. So, if you have the Roku or similar box, go add Sermon Audio to your channel selection, and then find the Children's Section. It's found under Mark Hamby's Lamplighter Series.

Or, if you don't have the box - go to and you can download them for free, too!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Did she sew?

While much of the world virtually attended the funeral of Whitney Houston today, I went looking to see if there were any photographs of her childhood (those childhood photo montages are always intriguing to me at funerals). I wanted to know what she looked like when she was young -- and probably had no clue that a future life of glitz, glamor, fame and tabloids would ultimately write her destiny.

I saw several photos here and then an older video tribute here where I learned that she used to be a clothes model in the early 1980's - coincidentally, for Simplicity, the pattern company plus many other clothing inspirations and advertisements.

Anyway, thought this would be of particular interest to my fellow Stitchery Friends. You never know who that person is on the cover of that sewing pattern and who they might become!

I wonder if there will be a run on Simplicity Pattern 5344 now - was she featured on any other pattern covers?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's

Last year my daughter and I worked together in making these little Valentine's cards for her class*. We are homeschooling now but the idea still lingers as we think of family and friends for this year.

The end product was a melding of two patterns. One was from Sew! Mama! Sew! and Moda Bakeshop.

SweetPea would pick out the fabric and buttons to accommodate each person on her list depending on the relationship and then she and I came up with some generic phrases for her to copy using a fabric ink pen. I would finish with hand embroidery following her own handwriting. Granted, I asked for the class list about a month ahead of time so we could have ample time to prepare, but it was quite fun come delivery day.

Regardless of whether you're making a one or two of these for siblings or close friends or for a whole class, it is always fun to have an excuse to play with fabric scraps with your daughter.

* Sweetpea and I visited her old class a couple of months ago and several of the kids came running up to her, gave her lots of hugs and said, "I still have your Valentine!!! I have it on my shelf--- or it's pinned to my wall---- or I kept it for a long time until my little brother got it----- etc..."

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Merry Christmas Trinket Boxes

Several years ago I was meandering through an antique store near Seattle, Washington. It was at Two French Hens in Burien if you desire to have a peek there sometime - they have the sweetest offerings!

Anyway, I stumbled upon an old stationery box with various old cards -- in it were these little cards so-to-speak that were delicately preserved with their original ribbons and even their envelopes so as to be mailed! The cards were from the early 1900's with crow-quill & ink penned names ~ there was one for Earle, Glen, Ronald, and H.E. Bailey. The rest of the cards were all blank. Of course the cards were quite fragile, but I determined then and there to replicate and offer them to others. They were just too sweet not to share!

With Christmas around the corner, I wanted everyone to have these to use in plenty of time for Holiday gatherings and gift-giving exchanges.

I am calling them the Merry Christmas Trinket Boxes.... enjoy!

Click on the photo above for the free PDF download and step-by-step photograph tutorial with assembly instructions.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Clothes Pin Dolls

These are so easy a small child can make them!

Easy-to-Make Clothes Pin Dolls
Step 1: Fold a little edge of a square or rectangular fabric scrap and pin it with the clothes pin.

Easy-to-Make Clothes Pin Dolls
Step 2: Flip the clothes pin down.

Easy-to-Make Clothes Pin Dolls
Step 3: Wrap the fabric corners to the center around the clothes pin.

Easy-to-Make Clothes Pin Dolls
Step 4: Tie a piece of bias tape, yarn, or string around the clothes pin for the neck scarf.

Easy-to-Make Clothes Pin Dolls
Optional Step 5: (Little Girls like this one, particularly) Draw a face.

You can pink the fabric edges, too, if you want a frilly hem.

Have fun!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Singer Tucker Attachment Video Tutorial

How to sew pintucks using an old-fashioned Singer Tucker Attachment.
Demonstration was with a Singer Featherweight 222 Sewing Machine.