Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fabric Worthiness

To my dear, dear friends . . . if you want to know one thing I am absolutely passionate about, it is fabric. I just love fabric. The clip of this (ahem) redhead rubbing the fabric up to her cheek – um, yes, this is entirely me (redhair and all). All my projects have to go through a fabric-worthiness beauty pageant. Most times, the fabric gets neatly folded and put away again. I honestly just cannot bear to cut it, unless of course I have yards upon yards to spare and cherish and rub up to my cheek for years to come.

Yes, I do have a fabric stash, or should I say “section” of the house. I’m beginning to feel it is a contagious disease – this fabric hoarding. (Just ask my friends Tammy and Karen – I’m sure they’ll concur.) Oh, for the love of textiles! I even have an annual trip to one of the most fabulous fabric stores that I save up for each year.

I do not know whether it is the colors, the designs, the prints, the vintage-flair to most of my collection, or just my personality, but I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to shopping for fabric. I even like the word. F a b r i c - it just sounds nice. Be sure and click here… you’ll see my hearts desire and passion when it comes to my stash… I’ve already found some new prints I want to just buy! If I could afford to buy bolts and bolts at a time, I most definitely would – (er…um, have). No project in mind, just to have it on hand for when I do have a project, er… uh, when I do have uh… OH!, for the LUV!… when I need to just rub it against my cheek.


Unknown said...

Love love love that yellow fabric. I've sworn to use up some of my stash before I buy more. It's painful but it's the only way I can continue to get unbridled permission to buy at my own discretion. (sigh)

R said...

Thanks, Karen... I think I'm stumbling all over myself with eQuilter... since the quality, I'm sure, is the same as Quilt Crossing. Yes, I bought some last night. shhhhhhhh! ;)

JD said...

Cute bloggy!! I am the same about soft flannel baby fabric. Hate to cut.