Friday, December 15, 2006

Drum Roll, Please....

(Flash Photography)

The long-awaited-stay-up-late-many-nights-so-it-will-be-done-in-time-for-Christmas DRESS!
Sewn entirely from a vintage pattern with only a few modifications (bloomers with elastic legs for more modesty).

Modeled photos tomorrow, I hope... I just couldn't wait to post photos of the finished product.

Now.... if only I could find the right color red sweater to match the right color red shoes which match exactly to the red bias edging. (It's a 'true' red - no blue, pink or brown undertones.)

Look! Even sweet little elastic for the tiny little legs.

Vintage Buttons!

And then for my birthday (not today), Karen gave me these lovely cherry pyjama pants... I lounged in them all day while I sewed. I must sew comfy cozy, and I just love "cherries". Love, love, love these pants! Thanks, Karen!



kate said...

That dress is AMAZING! You have some serious skills, girl! I love it!

Pam said...

I am so jealous of that dress!!! Nothing less then absolutely adorable! You did a magnificent job! I must make matching dresses for my girls for Easter this coming year. It's on my list!!!

Merry Christmas April!!! Love the pj's too!

tam said...

sweet pictures! good job on the dress pril! it so darlin' on her!