Monday, March 19, 2007

The Cat

Hubby and I were in the process of getting a Featherweight ready for eBay. When I left the room and came back - this is where he was.

Our cat has been incredibly enjoyable. Franky or Franky Frank or "Little, Little Franky I call my Pet Kitty" (sung to the tune of 'Widdy Widdy Worky I call my Pet Turkey).
He truly has brought us much laughter. We had no idea how much we would love a cat.

I opened SweetPea's blinds this morning and left the room for a second. When I walked past her door again I saw this.... tiptoe-ing to get the camera - I hoped he would still be in the same position.


Unknown said...

I am so not a pet person but I so love our kitty. Isn't it funny how they wiggle into your heart?

CONNIE W said...

The photo is too cute!

Susan said...

Aren't cats just the bestest pets ever...................

You got some great pictures. Did you see my new 301? Savannah?

Rebekah Smith said...

Isn't it amazing what cats can do??
They can be so funny and loving when they want to.

Stretched Too Thin said...

Too, cute! Love the pictures of Franky!