Sunday, September 07, 2008

I just love sewing

I borrowed the nearest 2-year-old I could find to model this dress assuring me it would fit another little 2-year-old who was having a birthday party (the dress was a gift).

The flair on this dress is just adorable - I love the design!

Notice the little clown? He's wearing white with red polka dots, too!

Vintage Pink Buttons from my friend's little sewing studio were the PERFECT match to the rick rack.

The pattern called for bias piping, but I decided to use rick rack instead - fun touch, don't you think?

If you have not ever tried 'hem-facing' before, I highly recommend it. It makes the hem enjoyable to do without all the puckering and frustration -especially for a curved hemline. Need a tutorial? Try this . . .

A blind hem is also a nice feature for a boutique-ly made garment. My mama taught me to do a catch-stitch (below), but there are other ways, too. Here's another tutorial for that - super easy! I had to switch threads for each panel, though, because of how it could potentially show through to the front by using the same color of thread all the way around the hem.

I know, I know - you're probably wondering "why do you promote Oliver + S so much?" Well, in all honesty, while it might come across as promotion - it has become more of a passion for the quality of the patterns. And, I learn something new with each one. I love that part - the learning of a fun, new way to sew precisely. I suppose the passion goes back even father though - it really was love at first 'site'.

A customer e-mailed me and asked if I had ever heard of Oliver + S before and sent me a link. I think I gasped with that twitterpated love for something so incredibly 'me'... from the first page of the website! The paper dolls immediately drew me in - the clicking on each one to transform the doll into a new outfit... the vintage-y ness with a contemporary flair.

I'm only 6 hours from Portland, and if it hadn't already been planned for our vacation then followed up with an Antique Show trip to Portland in July - I would have SO been to the Quilt Show back in May where Oliver + S made their debut.

My customer-friend has been gone all summer, she probably has no idea what she introduced me to! haha!

By the way - I have now ordered the patterns and they will be available for purchase soon.

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G.L.H. said...

Lovely, as all your projects are. I love, love polka dots as well.