Saturday, September 20, 2008

Paper Doll Matchy

Paper dolls are so much fun. I like it that SweetPea thinks so, too. She begs me to cut out the paper dolls when the Oliver + S patterns arrive. Before I received the all-in-one paper doll cut-out sheet with all of them on one page, she would have to wait until I actually made the outfit.

She was ecstatic when I sat down with her and cut them all out so she could make conversation between "cousins" (as she so corrected me when I told her they were "friends" - the boy and girl)

Oliver + S ~ Sunday Brunch Jacket & Skirt

Before she could play with them, though - I made her go outside and model the newest, latest outfit I had made for her... The Sunday Brunch Jacket & Skirt from Oliver + S. As you can tell, there isn't much of a problem to get her to pose for the camera - what a ham she can be. Jacket is a cotton tweed - soft to the touch and comfortable for her. The skirt is a Cotton Lawn with an underlining of Kona Cotton. To aid in coordination of the two I used the Lawn to bind the inside seams of the jacket - for a more finished effect. (see below)

Sunday Brunch Jacket

Sunday Brunch Jacket - Back

Sunday Brunch Jacket - Matching Cloth Covered Buttons

Matching cloth-covered buttons were a fun thing to try this time.

Sunday Brunch Skirt

Skirt has pockets on both sides - SweetPea noticed that feature immediately.

Sunday Brunch Jacket - Inside Seam Binding to Coordinate with Skirth

Matching bound seams.

Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket & Skirt (Inside of Jacket)

I initially thought the boots would look cute with the outfit, but quite frankly, they took away from it. So I have edited the photos to accommodate. Something to consider if you were thinking of boots, too.



P9200065 P9200056

P9200068 P9200071
Notice anything about the photo above right? Purely by accident, but I couldn't resist showing you... too cute!

P9200077 P9200079
She gave each one a voice and carried on conversations between the two. She even made them "walk".

The Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Jacket & Skirt Paper Doll


Anonymous said...

Wow-wee! You are "sew" talented! The jacket is amazing!

I love the sampler you did for Oliver + S. It looks like something you would see in Gymboree!

I am in awe!


April said...

Cara - you're so sweet! Thanks for the compliments - it means so much coming from close friends. We had a blast last night and the chili was superb! :)

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely adorable!

Dawn said...

Hi, Love your blog found it after buying a Oliver + S pattern here in Australia..and looking at Liesl's blog....your outfits look fab....inspiring....I will have to buy some more patterns for my girls.
Have great week.
Dawn x

~cjoy said...

To have just a thimble-full of that kind of talent...sigh. :)

someone else said...

Oh my word! Where to start....

You are a star seamstress!
The outfit is precious!
The model is even cuter!
I'm thrilled to see another little girl who enjoys paperdolls. I played with them for hours when I was little.

kyouell said...

Wow. That is gorgeous. I have got to find an outlet for my sewing machine. (It really does a poor job when it's not plugged in.) I saw those patterns -- I think Jessica @ Balancing Everything linked -- and I resisted. But wow, you have me drooling. I'm sitting in a nook with all the equipment behind me, the no-how in my brain/hands, yet no power for said equipment. I think seeing this outfit twice in the space of a week is a message.

Unknown said...


... I am realizing, I still have a lot to learn! Will you come teach me how to sew properly?

Liesl Gibson said...

April, you're amazing! Not only do you sew beautifully, but you take great photos and write adorable posts. Todd and I are both cooing over your daughter and the way she's playing with the dolls. Thanks for showing!

Bridget said...

Wow!! That turned out great! I was wondering if I should try their patterns and seeing yours now I have to. Your little one is just the cutest model ever.