Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oliver + S Pleated Skirt (2+2)

Dressed for fall... in her new brown corduroy skirt.

An Oliver + S pattern . . . from the 2+2 set.

Oliver + S plackets are designed with ease - I look forward to Liesl's plackets every time.
Button is a vintage bakelite button I found last February in Seattle.

Blind hem. The skirt ordinarily calls for wider hem allowance, but I narrowed it because SweetPea is tall. Plus, now she can wear it perhaps even next fall (I hope!).

Isn't the button pretty!? I bought a set of these still on the original card.

Usually I serge my inside seams to make them look more finished and more professional. However, at a local bazaar I was demonstrating the use of the Adjustable ZigZag Attachment on my Singer Featherweight. It worked beautifully and quite easily, too! The attachment moves the fabric back and forth (whereas zigzag machines move the needle).

I placed a teeny tiney button on the inside front and center so SweetPea would know where to line up her skirt pleats so they look just right.

Lastly, she recently discovered a raincoat in the back of her closet. I had purchased it for her when she was about 8 months old. It's vintage and a size 7. Today was raining outside and she was prompted to look in her closet and get a coat on before going on Thelma-Thursday. She came out with this raincoat. I didn't expect it to fit her just yet - at least a few years away, but aside from the sleeve length, I think she looks pretty darn cute in it! I'm so glad I bought it and saved it all this time.
By the way, if you're contemplating on buying a leaf-falling tree to plant - stear clear of the Sycamore. I know it's a Biblical tree and all with Zaccheus, but the leaves take FOR.EVER. to drop and we are picking up leaves clear into January and sometimes February. I kid you not. Go with the maple!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely skirt - it looks just right now the weather is colder. I love your clever idea about putting a button in. When I make something for my daughter because it doesnt have a label she gets confused so this idea is very neat, and discreet.

Liesl Gibson said...

It looks great on her, and I love how nicely she poses! What a cutie!