Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Hurry-Up Skirt

Who doesn't love a classic navy skirt? This is the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch Skirt made with a navy twill. I basted some fun Japanese import novelty fabric to the front and back skirt pieces (essentially treating them as one fabric during garment construction) to add more stability to the skirt as well as adding some more fun for SweetPea.

And what little girl doesn't love one with pockets and a secret lining for fun?

This one is probably my favorite uniform garments to make - it's so simple to sew yet still maintains professional, non-homemade details in the construction.

It certainly looks tailored, don't you think? (Well, except for the flash-n-dash photography as daughter is frantically trying to stand still while Daddy is calling her to "hurry up" and get in the car for school..... I say, "shush, Daddy, we have modeling to do, after all! - and can you hurry up and get the much-needed fence up between us and the neighbors already" - hehe!)


~Regina~ said...

Cute uniform skirt! I love the hidden cute lining fabrics! :)

Anonymous said...

You could called it "the hurry-up skirt" but with such beautiful details, cute lining and your perfect sewing skills it really looks more professional than many skirts that I see in the shops. And I love Sweeet Pea braids - so lovelly!