Saturday, January 23, 2010


I would have to say that this outfit is probably one of my favorites. It's more casual in the detailing, but the hand on these two fabrics is so soft and the blouse is just sweet, wouldn't you say? The print is small and feminine and just plain sweet.

Patterns used (I bet you can't guess...): Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress & Sandbox Pants. Dress, you say? Why yes, dress.... only I got a bit adventuresome and made a blouse instead.

Fabrics used: Baby Nay floral stretch corduroy for the blouse and designer sueded twill for the pants.

Buttons are vertical on the blouse except for the top one which is horizontal, allowing more ease around the collar when buttoned all the way up. (You didn't really think I'd sew the placket crooked, did you? {wink wink! } )

Going out of my comfort zone for pattern altering, I didn't want to do any more drafting or melding than absolutely necessary - thus, the ruffly cuff. I initially tried to use elastic thread in the bobbin case but the fabric is exceptionally stretchy so I opted for the traditional elastic casing.

Notice the hem on the blouse? Coverstitcher. Again, due to stretchyness of this particular corduroy fabric, using the coverstitcher made for a flawless hem. Pockets are fully lined with the corduroy to (somewhat?) coordinate wtih the blouse. Using my Singer Featherweight, I stitched extra, extra slowly around the pockets so that the lining wouldn't show on the outside. I more or less appeased uniform wear so the pants could be worn for school as well as for play.

What can I say about the pants - perfect every time I make them. SweetPea is generally taller and typically wears a size 6-slim in ready-to-wear, but this pattern was made in the size 5 all the way around - I did not have to do any altering for fit whatsoever. (happy! happy!)


norasroom said...

This is just the sweetest ensemble. Lush fabrics, vintage colors, and the most perfectly scaled girly floral. Magnificant!

Goosegirl said...

Oh I love this outfit. It looks soft and cozy warm. Your details are wonderful and so pretty.

cryitout! said...

Sweet indeed! I love the cuffs and the corduroy looks like you could nap in it. This is super cute.

Anonymous said...

I am so inspired by your sewing and talent! Thank you for sharing. You did a gorgeous job as always!