Tuesday, June 06, 2006

It's a Festivus Miracle!

Well, you all know about my catastrophe regarding the Bernina sewing machine... Well, it is a Festivus Miracle! Hubby (my personal Bob Vila) has fixed Bernina to "almost" the condition it was before.

You can read about it here. But, you my bl***ing Friends will get to see never-before-seen-footage of hubby (actually BEING Bob Vila).

If my Stitchery Friends have come this far to read further about me, then they, too - will get the unedited version of how hubby brought vinegar-Bernina back to life.

A dremmel tool with the R I G H T attachment (not just any old one will do). Yes, hubby had to buy a special one for buffing and polishing... here he is... I just love him!

Before and After

I didn't take any photos of the corrosion or rust (just couldn't bring myself to photograph disgust), but the attachment on the right is how shiny things were ORIGINALLY - and the attachment on the left is how shiny Hubby was able to make the metal pieces after getting rid of all the disgust.

So, we definitely classified it as "almost-the-way-it-was" condition.

He's good, ain't he!??!! I'm so proud of my Hubby. Don't know what I'd do without him.

P.S. Thanks to my regular visitors for checking back and waiting for me to post again. I've been SUPER busy with eBaying and then this last weekend I went on a scrapbook-get-away... My sister-in-law and I meet halfway between our homes (150 miles apart) at a hotel and scrapbook for two nights - it's awesome and very relaxing!


the lizness said...

I'm so glad to hear it's mostly restored. I'd hate for you to miss out on that sale!

Unknown said...

Just SAY IT, April. BLOGGING. BLOGGING. BLOGGING. It's not a bad word. Wierd? Yes. Bad? No.

tam said...

Me thinks she is a good and funny friend for making compensation for her other friend who becomes atrophied by certain words and sounds!!! (yep, me!)

Glad to hear it is in working order...saw it had some good bids too!!!

What a man that hubs is, what a man!