Friday, June 09, 2006

Just For Fun . . . My Personal Stash

A real quick post... I feel as if I've hit the pinnacle with all that I have accumulated over a very long period of time. Some of these items are EXTREEEEMELY rare, and some cannot be found but over years and years of searching. Anyway, getting all of my Singer Sewing Collectibles out was quite fun - I just had to let them pose for a photograph.


tam said...


I LOVE that!

I'm so grateful I can see all that up close and personal!

Anonymous said...

Hi April! I got your invitation...we are actually going to be out of town starting Thursday. Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!

Anonymous said...

April, I love reading your blog, I just inherited a brown old singer-how do I go about finding info about it. thanks

R said...

Alisa - I don't have your e-mail... I'd be happy to show you. ~ April