Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Sewing Class

I started a new sewing class at a local quilt shop. It's called the 'Wash Tub Club' and it features all different little quick and easy projects using all of the repro 1930's feedsack prints.

" The Ditty Bag "

This was our first project. Made from two 18" squares and 2 yards of cording. SUPER simple and SUPER fun and we all finished our project AT the class - gotta love instant gratification! I was in fabric sewing heaven with all the 1930's prints I got to pick from - they are my absolute favorite!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Uh. Yes. I need one of those.

pelecypods said...

Love these. Is this your pattern? I would love to buy one if it is. These look like they would make nice gifts are to use for short shopping trips.