Friday, June 01, 2007

Ditty Bag Pattern

This bag was made for Cowboy's teacher as a gift on the last day of school.

Download it HERE
I added one more step... I sewed the inside diagonal flaps together so as to make more definitive pockets. This is EASILY done on a free-arm machine.
Also... I made this bag 24" inch square - perfect purse/hand bag size.
Used bias tape (stitched together) as the ties.


pelecypods said...

Love ditty bag. Pattern ran off blurred and could not read. Please repost. Would love to make bag.

Becky said...

could you please email the pattern to me? I couldn't get it to enlarge so I could print it off.

Anonymous said...

Would you be able to email met the pattern, it does not print well.

Anonymous said...

My charity sewing group made these today and also added the vertical line of stitching to make the pockets inside smaller - also reinforced stitching at edge of inside pockets.
They are very fast!