Friday, October 17, 2008

Bloomer Inspiration

My little SweetPea is growing up... and is learning the graces of a being a little lady. In order to protect her innocence and still provide a sweet sense of fashion in an old-fashioned way, I had been on the lookout for a 'bloomer' or 'pannie-cover' appropriate for her age of 4, going on 5.

When perusing one of my favorite blog reads and the history of the Pattern Company, I discovered this post and was instantly inspired.

Eliminate the pockets for the shorts on the Puppet Show Tunic/Dress Pattern and they are no longer 'shorts', but rather a darling and modest set of bloomers. I will make this pattern until my little girl is old enough to understand. She loves them and doesn't mind wearing them at all and notices the little details like the gather at the side. OH, how I love that she notices little details like that.

Her preschool teacher even thanked me the other day for having her wear them!
I want to make them in ever color! These were made with a creamy colored Kona Cotton.... super easy, by the way, and fast!

If you'd like to purchase the pattern, I have them in stock (will load to my website soon). E-mail me your size request and order now ~ shipping is free!

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