Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Clam Diggers Without the Clams

Sewing for boys, older boys especially, can sometimes be sacrificial to a mama who enjoys pretty printed fabrics, novelty prints and girly designs. However, with the linen I scored at a local JoAnn's remnant bin, I may have found a silver lining to sewing for my little young man. Linen has such a timeless feel to it - a bit more of an open weave as compared to traditional cotton wovens, but still quite soft (after it had been laundered in hot water and machine-dried twice to maximize shrinkage). I decided to use an Ottobre pattern I have used before ~ 02/2005 size 128 (approx. 8-9)

Cowboy was so excited to get these short pants/long shorts ("clam diggers") but balled his eyes out when I told him I wanted pictures. Stinker. I pleaded and he relented. However, when we got outside, one would never know he disapproved 5 minutes prior because he quite enjoyed being centered in the camera. Such a silly kid.

I made him tuck his shirt in so the pant details could be photographed, but otherwise he would most likely wear the shirt out.

In case you were wondering, the nearest clam digging would be about 600 miles west.


Kathya said...

You are great with the stitching details, April!
I wish i could do as straight as you do. I try though. it just doesnt work. :P

Liesl Gibson said...

He's a cutie, as are the pants. Are you addicted to linen now? I hope so!

Goosegirl said...

April, these are darling. I love linen too and think I must have some of these in my size. Well, maybe Ahnalin's size....

But your details are just wonderful. Your top stitching is perfect and your little man is so very handsome.


Anonymous said...

I want some for Taterbug! I love them!