Sunday, May 17, 2009

Summer Snowballs

The snowball bush we have in the back-side yard is one of my favorite old-fashioned blooms... along with the lilac trees, of course. After finishing these pair of pants SweetPea and I headed outside to do a quick photoshoot. Well, she clearly had fun with snowballs in the summer!

Tank top is new, too - made of cotton lycra jersey knit with picot-edged elastic for the neckline and underarms... Ottobre 04/2004 #33 size 110 with two inches added for length.

Oliver + S Sailboat Pants made out of Bamboo Twill. This is one of the oddest fabrics I've ever worked with. It felt like cardboard when wet and had a distinctive odor like when wool is wet. Out of the dryer it sounded like something to be stretched over a drum... so very odd, but so very, very soft (after it was dried). Irons similar to linen, but has more of a drape when worn. I really like it.

Light blue topstitching, vintage shell buttons - size 4 with three inches added to the length. (I spliced the pattern to properly add length.)

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Goosegirl said...

Cute! I love the snowballs and your miss sweet cheeks is so darling! Her new tank and pants are lovely. Now I am going to have to find some of that bamboo twill because your description has intrigued me.

Oh, and the blouse pattern from Ahnalin's outfit on the tea party post on my blog is from Collars Etc. "Mary Jane Jumpers and Blouses". It is a really cute, basic, classic pattern. The jumper has several great variations, including one that can be smocked. And the blouse is a good basic blouse that is easy to put together. I have made it several times. I made the size 3 and lengthened it last year and it still fits this year. Ahnalin is tall and thin so she tends to wear smaller sized, cut longer like your sweet pea. The pattern only goes up to a size five but would be easy to alter.