Saturday, May 23, 2009

Website Design & More News (literally)

The website redesign is finally completed.

Sometimes my creative side gets bored with a name, look, logo, or idea and Wende Tindall Design helped me stay grounded while giving the site a fresh new look. I am more than pleased! Feel free to capture the button to the left to use on your blog or website. The web address to link to, of course, is

There is still plenty to do now behind-the-scenes for technical application (coding can take hourrrrrssss!!!), but at least I get to enjoy new graphics in the process. Thanks, Wende!

Before I go work on more techy stuff of website quality control, I'll leave you with a link to some recent press April 1930's received in the Girlhood Home Companion Magazine. Bear in mind I was asked to write this article just before publication and am now grading it for the one-thousandth time with a red ink pen (and I'm using lots of ink).

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Goosegirl said...

Neato April! I checked out the site and it looks beautiful. The featherweight you have on there is a beauty as well. And congrats on the magazine article! Woohoo!

Hey, come on over and see my blog. I have a new cherry background that I am crazy about! I know I am silly, but I really do love cherries.